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Nikola Tesla heritage

Nikola Tesla heritage

Nikola Tesla pioneered research of frequency therapy. At the end of XIX century, Tesla discovered the effects of electricity to pathogen microorganisms found in the human body (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungous). He used the frequencies to maintain his own health.

Albert Adams, dr. Royal Raymond Rife, dr. Hulda Clark, dr. Bob Beck, dr. Georgij Lakovski and many other doctors, have continually researched frequency therapy based on Tesla’s findings. Following the discovery of the fact that each organism emits its own frequency, first frequency generators have been patented to generate frequencies that destroy pathogen microorganisms. Among them Tesla’s star, dr. Rife’s generator, dr. Clark’s “The Zapper”, dr. Beck’s magnetic pulsar and many other.

In fall of 1990, following the above inventions, Dr. William Lyman and dr. Steven Kaali, associates from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, discovered that the HIV virus can be deactivated by application of the low-voltage direct current, at the same time keeping blood cells damage free.
Soon after, frequency therapy spread from the USA to Europe, especially Germany where almost every modern clinic applies such ways of therapy.
In time a great number of scientists and doctors, especially those working in holistic practice, advanced and widened the use of frequency therapy. Currently a number of illnesses that can be prevented with frequency therapy are five hundred.

Several policlinics from Croatia and Slovenia conducted frequency therapy from 2008-2012. Soon a study will be published which proves that even the worst illnesses can be suppressed in a non-invasive and natural way, without negative side effects and need for medicament consumption.