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Each therapy is created depending on the specific needs of each client using different devices and methods. 

Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy – Frequency therapy is performed on the Plasma Generator device that destroys pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) and contains several thousand different programs, so each client receives a specially tailored therapy session(s). 

Frequency therapy helps people rebuild their cells and bring them back to optimal energy levels, triggering self-healing. This therapy helps in acute and chronic illnesses, returns energy and healthy sleep.


Quantum Therapy – is done with the Biostar Lux device which creates a unique energy record of your physical, energetic and psychosomatic state. It emits healing scalar waves in the information morphogenetic field and thus stimulates self-healing and helps in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic conditions of the organism.

Chromotherapy (Color Therapy) – The Biostar Lux Color Lab lamp stimulates healing through the light of different colors while simultaneously helping skin care and being used for cosmetic purposes. The specialty of this lamp is in special light production that penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Chromotherapy uses color and light to enhance and regenerate the energy of our bodies. It is holistic – meaning that, apart from the physical level, it also acts on our mind and soul. It can be used for the general well-being of the whole organism as well as in certain conditions like pain.


Sound Therapy – The Biostar Vox Sound-Vibration Treatment System works on a cellular level, helping to bring our whole body back into balance. The body device inserts the sound frequencies specially tailored to the needs of the client. It helps with almost all illnesses and health conditions.


Plasma ZAP Therapy – The body’s bio-electricity regeneration device regenerates cells throughout the body, stimulates metabolism, improves circulation and strengthens immunity. Therapy with this device has the same effect as a stay in nature during which the natural bio-electricity of the body is renewed.

PEMF Therapy (Pulse Electromagnetic Field – Pulse Electromagnetic Field) – is performed using a MyMat device to improve circulation and metabolism. MyMat is the only wireless device, very suitable for home use with 80 programs covering different conditions. It stimulates cellular function and improves the chemistry in the body, regenerates blood cells, improves circulation and increases oxygen transfer to cells and organs.

Frequency therapy cures almost all known diseases of today. This therapy is used to treat virus, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections, better known under names of different diagnoses: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, tumor, cancer, autoimmune diseases and other.


Stabilization is the period after completion of the therapy; it is a period of adjustment of physical and psychosomatic components after removal of the cause of the disease. The period of adjustment depends on the state of the client prior to therapy, and also his/her age and determination to change their habits.


Many times client can continue to feel the symptoms of diseases after being healed, even though no diagnostic parameter confirms it. This happens because the memory of the limbic system is based on chemical processes and electrical stimulations, and emotions often enhance the experience – for that reason even greater importance is given to certain symptoms. That is why it is necessary, after each therapeutic procedure and resolution of the problems at the physical level, to start changing patterns and habits and the psychological (conscious and subconscious) level.

Frequency therapy is dedicated to help people renew their health and prevent unnecessary damages through using the most advanced technology of today.