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DNA & Intolerance Test

Nutrition is the foundation of our health and it is therefore very important to know which foods we can tolerate better and which not, only in this way, will we be able to improve the discomforts and daily pathologies and make use of all the nutrients of each of our daily meals with the Food Intolerance Test. The analysis of DNA provides detailed and unique information that will help you not only lose weight but also gain vitality.


Food intolerance (600 foods) = 151 $
Food intolerance + Mineralogram + Intestinal dysbiosis = 272 $

Food intolerance

This is one of the most innovative techniques in the market today, that by means of the DNA analysis, it allows you to know the foods with which you are incompatible. Unlike other DNA tests, this one not only assesses two parameters of incompatibility with food and elements, but analyses three fundamental parameters for the well-being. The food intolerance test examines the incompatibility of 600 foods. Find out if you have intolerance to milk, meat, and cereals… with 94% reliability.
Test results reveal percentages of intolerance. Above a certain subjective threshold, foods marked red will indicate intolerance. A person should completely remove the particular food for 60 days and then reintroduce it with a technique of programmed weaning, firstly starting with the less intolerant foods and then gradually introducing foods one is most intolerant to, but in minimal quantities. Intolerance is the “disturbance field” that a certain food creates in the memory cell, this leads to a slowdown of the metabolism and therefore a tendency to gain weight, as well as many other pathologies such as headache, swelling, poor circulation, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

The Mineralogram

The Mineralogram test measures the concentration of specific minerals and metals in your body. The new generation of tests analyses the human tissue taking into account bio frequency, a concept recently introduced in functional medicine. Bio frequency is the basis of the newly integrated techniques of naturopathy and holistic medicine. Knowing if a metal “resonates” at a certain percentage in the body gives us a greater indication of its presence, as well as any damages it may have created to the organs.

The Intestinal dysbiosis

The Intestinal dysbiosis indicates the disorder of the intestinal flora, of the enzymes or intestinal toxins. That is to say – all those bacteria that produce a deficit in the defence of the immune system in your intestines.

Symbiosis translates to ‘living in harmony.’ Dysbiosis is the opposite; it’s when the bad guys take over. It essentially means there is an imbalance of microbial colonies. This is most common in the digestive tract, but can happen anywhere there is an exposed mucous membrane, such as the skin. The bacteria maintain a harmonious balance in a healthy digestive tract by keeping each other in check so no one specific strain can dominate. What happens in a disturbed system is a strain’s decreased efficiency at checks and balances. This can result in one colony becoming dominant and one becoming weaker. It instigates a chronic imbalance, debilitates the good guys and compromises our system as a whole. When dysbiosis exists, we may fall prey typically harmless microbes that can lead to serious health concerns.

This is a comprehensive test that will provide details on several organic intestinal panels, critical areas and those in need of intervention, toxicity of amines, levels of intestinal enzymes, situation in the intestinal immune system and many other indexes that analyse the delicate balance in our intestines and explore of the long digestive process in the large area of ​​300 squares meters that are our intestines. This test highlights: panel of intestinal organs, panel of toxic amines, panel of enzymes, panel of intestinal flora, panel of the intestinal immunity system, panel of intestinal hormones, panel of biometric indexes of the intestine and panel of carriers of probability. This comprehensive test is very useful to any professional working in the field of naturopathy.

Tests are done by an ISO certified food intolerance Biotest based on a DNA sample. Using a non-invasive method (hair sample) it’s simple and easy to administer and results are usually ready in 1-2 weeks.