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Reiki Energy Therapies

Reiki is a healing cosmic energy, as well as a system of holistic healing based on this energy. During a reiki treatment a therapist/healer lays his/her hands on the patient and thereby transmits this beneficial energy into the patient’s bioelectromagnetic field.

Pursuant to classification of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, U.S. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, reiki is a part of the biofield medicine.

Reiki has numerous positive effects, some of which are: tension and stress relief, general psychophysical relaxation, boosting of the body’s self¬-healing abilities, pain relief, preparation of patients for surgical intervention, shortening and alleviation of postoperative recovery, immunity boost, enhancement of physiological processes (e.g. blood pressure, heart function), alleviation of psychosomatic issues.

Scientific research conducted in the last decades confirm efficiency of reiki treatments even in cases of serious chronical diseases and severe body misfunctions. In countries with high reiki expansion, ever-increasing number of medical doctors and other medical staff apply reiki as a complementary healing method.

Reiki can also be applied in case of, from medical point of view, totally healthy people in order to improve their psychophysical health, to relax, boost immunity, etc…
Contraindications to reiki treatments are not known.

Reiki can be applied for general improvement of psychophysical health, as well as a complimentary healing method to all other methods of classical and alternative medicine.