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Influence of sound waves on the mind and body

Influence of sound waves on the mind and body

Some music is known to calm and relax, while other provokes anger, aggression and / or other negative feelings. Scientists have studied the effects of music on plants and concluded that plants grow and bloom beautifully under the influence of classical music. Plants exposed to more aggressive music lagged behind in growth and even withered. Experiments with water and observing its microscopic structure after being exposed to different types of music are also known (water that “listened” to soothing music had a harmonious structure, while fierce music “scattered” the structure of water). We all have a certain vibrational frequency in us, and bearing in mind that the human body makes up about 80% of water, we should take into account what kind of sound waves we are exposed to.

Unpleasant sounds, noise, traffic, rumble of machines, works, etc. will lower our frequency and can have a degrading effect on our mind. It is certain that musical frequencies can change our vibrations. Some people consider this a “pseudo science”, but the fact is that each sound has a specific frequency that affects the environment and everything and everyone in it.

People can achieve the state of “uplifted spirit” with a song, let’s just look at the Sunday Gospel celebrations or mantras.

Vedic texts say that everything that exists in the Universe is a manifestation of certain vibrations, with the help of which spiritual energy is transformed into material energy. Mantras are simple words and sounds that, constantly repeated, have a great power of reaching the consciousness.

People today still use mantras in all parts of the world to calm the mind, set intention, reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure. By chanting special mantras we invoke transcendental energy from the spiritual realm.


Frequency 432 Hertz

The Tibetan sound bowl, like many other ancient instruments is tuned to 432 Hertz (Hz), many religious melodies also use tones at 432 Hz, such as the tune of Amazon shamans during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ok, we don’t all chant, but what is perhaps more familiar and closer to us is going to nature. The sounds of nature, the singing of birds, the sound of leaves and water have a particularly calming and regenerating effect on our mind. In addition to grounding and ionizing us, nature works on us through sounds.

The sounds of nature vibrate at 432 Hz which is also the natural frequency of the Universe.

There are theories that the frequency of 432 Hz is mathematically consistent with the patterns of the Universe. Research shows that 432 Hz vibrates according to the cosmic golden ratio. The golden ratio reflects the sacred geometry of the Universe. Sacred geometry encompasses numerous elements that describe many phenomena such as the orbit of the planets, the proportions of the human body, the growth of plants, the structure of crystals, light, music. Our bodies as well as nature reflect the harmony of sacred geometry, the golden ratio. That is why we are attracted to natural beauties and are renewed by nature and we feel that we are part of that great whole.

Plasma Saal SoundTech

Since the modern way of life most does not allow us to spend hours chanting in the woods playing a Tibetan bowl, we have prepared for you a special combination of sound frequencies Plasma Saal SoundTech – “Power of the mind” (alpha, theta, delta and gamma waves).

This combination of special sound waves affects mental states and bodily functions by applying specific sound patterns, tones, and frequencies. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system and physical functions, which allows us to achieve a higher degree of well-being without the need for harmful and expensive therapies.

Certain frequencies accelerate the healing and release of growth and regeneration hormones, while others prevent the development of disease and reduce the degree of personal stress that is detrimental to health.

Daily listening to these sounds stimulates and stimulates the immune system by speeding up recovery and creating a naturally better feeling.

Listen through headphones while sitting or lying still. Do not listen to this recording while driving a car or performing any activity that requires your attention!

Listen to the Plasma Saal “Power of the Mind”.