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Healing Home Solutions

Healing Home Solutions

Have you ever thought of having a healing room at the comfort of your home? All time accessible health check!
Monitor your body to prevent illnesses on time! Everything is curable if diagnosed on time. Make your own quantum medicine at home whenever needed!

Enjoy everyday treatments to help and improve:

– Immune system
– Sleep
– Digestion
– Energy level

– Relaxation
– Anti-stress
– Rejuvenation & Anti-aging
– Chronical diseases

1. PRIMARY ROOM – Quantum Diagnosis and Treatments

Complete general check-up of the whole body – organs, blood, heavy metals and toxins in the organism, pathogens, and microorganisms; check-up of physical, mental and energetic levels.

Biostar Lux quantum diagnosis and treatment technology
Scans your body using quantum scalar waves.
– Creates a unique energy record of your physical, energy and psychosomatic condition
– Simultaneously deploys quantum, scalar, light and sound therapy
– Provides holistic, non-invasive, highly effective and painless diagnostic and therapy
– Stimulates self-healing
– Helps prevent and cure acute and chronic conditions
– Emits healing scalar waves into your information morphogenetic field

Biostar Lux biophoton lamp – colour therapy.
– Stimulates healing using multiple colours of light
– Provides cosmetic treatment with multiple and long-term skin effects
– Helps in skin care, cellulite reduction and anti-aging processes.

Bioacoustics device with programs for sound and vibration healing through the earphones and the speaker.

Nanotech device POZITRON PLUS for protection against harmful effects of E-smog, underground watercourses, Hartmann and Curry lines. Cleans negative energies and stimulates self-healing abilities.

2. EXTENDED ROOM – make a perfect combination of devices fitted to your needs

Plazma generator – specific treatments with healing electromagnetic frequencies
– Regenerates cells and restores them to the optimal energy level, initiating self-healing
– Destroys viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal affliction
– Helps in the therapeutic treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
– Successfully regulates and strengthens the work of internal organs
– Improves immunity, quickly restores energy and healthy sleep

Plazma Zap – body bioelectricity regeneration device
Works similar to time spent in natural environment, regenerating your body΄s natural bioelectricity.
– Whole body cellular activation and regeneration
– Significantly improves many physiological functions

MyMat – Pulsing Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) device
– Produces dynamic therapeutic signals that create a symphony of waves that stimulate cells
to restore their biological communication pathways, thus, induce the body’s natural healing
– Generates low intensity harmonic electro-magnetic signals that range in frequencies
between 1Hz – 200Hz that stimulate cells to induce body’s natural self-healing processes.
– Helps activate the body’s self-regulation processes to improve well-being and the
elimination of problematic symptoms in cells, tissues and organs, which occur from stress,
poor nutrition, toxins, environment, trauma and aging.
– Offers possibilities to experience these harmonic frequencies from the comfort of your
home, once or while you are on the move by simply downloading the MyMat Application on
your phone or tablet.

Laser watch – an innovative 3 in 1 device that uses the latest low intensity laser therapy technology.
Laswer watch combines:
– acupuncture
– relieves localized pain, and becomes your ideal companion at home, at work or on the go.
The watch comes with a radiation pad, an ear applicator (eg. for tinnitus) and a nose
applicator (for allergies, rhinitis, etc.).
– causes increased secretion of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates the circadian clock and thus controls wakefulness and sleep cycles, relaxation and prevent jet lag after long journeys.

Infrared Sauna – For a healthier, happier you, surround your body with the proven effects of infrared technology.
Infrared sauna works on:
– detoxification
– weight loss
– relief of sore muscles
– relief of joint pain (arthritis etc.)
– tighter skin
– improved circulation
– chronic fatigue syndrome

Luxury water cleansing system – Protect your whole family from harmful contaminants in water.
A water purification system utilizes a process to remove unwanted contaminants from water.
Nowadays, water can be filled with different chemicals and heavy metals. Dinking from plastic bottles is also not advisable.
Only luxury water cleansing system can provide:
– alkaline and energized clean water
– balanced concentration and proportion of minerals that should be present in our drinking
water in order to make it perfect for our health.