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Frequency Therapy

Frequency therapy regenerates weakened immune system that is not able to fight bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites and is also often used for suppressing cancer. Through use of the most advanced technology of today, frequency therapy is dedicated to helping people restore their health and to prevent unnecessary damage.


Healing with frequencies includes two ways of their use to achieve the most needed result – the first part includes frequencies to scan the body, which helps us detect anomalies in functions of various organs and other body parts. The second part consists of targeted healing, again, with the help of frequencies, this time received through the device called Plasma Generator. Frequency body scan will determine the current state of the organs, as well as possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms etc. In less than 20 minutes, we can determine how are person’s organs functioning – whether they operate on optimal energy levels, as well as the real causes if they don’t. We can also determine if there is overgrowth of bacteria, viruses or parasites and much more. With frequency therapy we can successfully destroy viruses, bacteria or parasites, and we can raise the frequency of an organ to its optimal vibrational rate.

How does frequency therapy work?

All living matter is composed of molecules of different minerals. The molecules are composed of atoms, which are composed of nucleus, protons and electrons. We can in short say, that the electrons produce electricity. Therefore, all matter is composed of electricity. Bacterial colony, salmonella or dengue, for example, vibrates at a very specific frequency; in other words, this colony has its own electromagnetic signature by which it can be identified. Harmonic frequency, the physical principle of the laws of electromagnetism, enables us to destroy the colonies of microorganisms by turning their own frequency to a much greater intensity. Therefore, viruses, bacteria and parasites are destroyed when we target them with a high dose of their own harmonic frequency produced by the Plasma Generator. The best thing is that those frequencies target only those “unwanted” areas, leaving all other organs and surrounding area safe and intact.

In order to make the overall therapy successful it is necessary to have correct diagnosis, to regularly apply therapy and to follow additional recommendations related to the disease. Along with regular application of the therapy it is necessary to follow all recommendations of the therapist.
After the treatment it is mandatory to carry out control diagnostics related to the primary cause. Other parameters of the success of the therapy are also checked.
Our therapy has proven to be very effective. You can read more about it here..

PLASMA GENERATOR destroys pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi) and raises frequency of the organs to an optimal level
Tesla Generator – bioenergetic stimulator
ADAM – generator of life energy, repairs DNA

In Plasmasaal, in addition to herbal medicine and diet counseling, the most important part of therapy is frequency therapy on the plasma generator supported by Teslagen, Adam and MIT devices.

Frequency therapy cures almost all known diseases of today. This therapy is used to treat virus, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections, better known under names of different diagnoses: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, tumor, cancer, autoimmune diseases and other.


Stabilization is the period after completion of the therapy; it is a period of adjustment of physical and psychosomatic components after removal of the cause of the disease. The period of adjustment depends on the state of the client prior to therapy, and also his/her age and determination to change their habits.


Many times client can continue to feel the symptoms of diseases after being healed, even though no diagnostic parameter confirms it. This happens because the memory of the limbic system is based on chemical processes and electrical stimulations, and emotions often enhance the experience – for that reason even greater importance is given to certain symptoms. That is why it is necessary, after each therapeutic procedure and resolution of the problems at the physical level, to start changing patterns and habits and the psychological (conscious and subconscious) level.

Frequency therapy is dedicated to help people renew their health and prevent unnecessary damages through using the most advanced technology of today.