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Plasma Saal Health Center Therapists are trained to work with various energy technologies such as:


According to the classification of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the American National Institute of Health, Reiki belongs to bio field medicine.

Research conducted over the last twenty years confirms the efficacy of Reiki in the case of severe chronic diseases and condition of the organism. In countries where Reiki is widespread, a large number of doctors and other medical staff use Reiki as a complementary method of treatment. Reiki is also used at, from a medical point of view, perfectly healthy state to improve the psychophysical condition, relaxation, strengthening of immunity, etc. There are no known side effects from Reiki treatments. 

Reiki can be used for general improvement of psychophysical health and as a complementary method of treatment with all classical and alternative medicine methods.

Of the many positive effects, most commonly known are: reduction of tension and stress, general psychophysical relaxation, increased self-serving ability of the body, pain reduction, assisting the patient when preparing for surgery and shortening postoperative recovery, strengthening the immune system, improving physiological processes in the body (e.g. blood pressure and heart function), reduction of psychosomatic problems.

Reiki is the healing cosmic energy and holistic healing system that is based on it. During treatment the therapist places his/her hands on the patient and thus transfers this beneficial energy to his bio-electromagnetic field.

Reconnective healing 

In this type of experience the light and information from the five dimensional energy network are used to restore the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the effects of this therapy are felt on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance that results from interacting with its fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of energy, light and information. Recent studies have even shown that this spectrum brings about a distinctly beneficial transformation in our DNA. It restores coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible.

Womb blessing 

Female energy balancing -Harmonizing with female energy brings women healing to their femininity, uterus and cycles, creativity and fertility, sexuality and spirituality. Harmonization returns us to natural purity and beauty, creativity, wisdom and strength. It cleanses past, restricting expectations, guilt and injury and releases the joy of the soul and expresses the female power and beauty. This is an energetic method to connect women to a specific vibration of the Divine Feminine energy and to bring out personal transformation and return her  to a more original and free form of femininity and Harmony and balance in the four female energies to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance within the menstrual cycle and within a woman’s life. 



At the Plasma Saal Health Center each client is approached individually and receives a unique combination of techniques and therapeutic approaches specifically designed to his or her needs.