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The body scan procedure usually lasts between one to two hours, but with the individual approach it depends from person to person.

The highly accurate and easy way to reveal the initial stages of the disease. The procedure is not uncomfortable and has no side effects.

Diagnosis at the Health Center Plasma Saal works through two devices – the  first one working on the principle of bioresonance, the other through  quantum scalar waves.


What does the process of diagnosis look like?

Plasma Saal Health Center employees will warmly welcome you where you can easily enjoy painless and non-invasive testing or therapy. Metal objects must be removed before starting any of these procedures.


Detailed discussion with the therapist (30 min)

We pay special attention to the introductory conversation with the client. Through this initial discussion we create a picture of the physical and mental condition of the client, lifestyle, nutritional and physical habits and the possible history of disease. (It is also desirable for clients to bring a medical history if possible).

The aim of the counseling is to focus on finding the cause of the condition, rather than the symptom so that the proper therapy can then be applied.



Plasma Saal Health Center Diagnostics (30 min)

After the interview, the client takes a frequency diagnostic scan by the Biostar-NLS device based on the bioresonance principle. The device scans the body through electromagnetic waves and collects data about your health status, from the entire body to cells and molecules. This process reviews over 30 organs and all systems of the physical body.  The device provides a prognosis of the health status in the next year and recommendations for an optimal course of therapy.

After the bioresonant scan, the client then gets quantum diagnostics by a Biostar LUX device that scans one’s body  and it’s current state by quantum scalar waves, and creates a unique energy record of your physical, energetic and psychosomatic state. Both devices provide holistic, non-invasive, highly effective and painless diagnostics.



Diagnostic results

When the scanning process finishes, an analysis of the results follow and again there is a discussion with the therapist where the condition of the organism is being adressed and a therapy plan adapted to each individual client is proposed. For a maximum of two hours the client gets an assessment of his/her health, and the therapist proposes measures for the recovery of organs and systems whose health is impaired, as well as nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Finally, a therapy is recommended and it may include one or all of the following:

  • A combination of treatments with different frequency and quantum devices at the Plasma Saal Health Center location
  • Therapy with good bacteria, herbal and quantum preparations and/or other dietary supplements
  • Mind Coaching sessions to improve mental and emotional state
  • Recommendations and advice on diet and lifestyle
  • Energy treatment