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Detoxification of our energy bodies

Detoxification of our energy bodies

We will write about both body detoxification and home detoxification, but it is very important that you keep your energy body, your aura and your “emotional apartment” clean.

We pay a lot of attention to our living spaces, we arrange apartments, change bedding, dust, ventilate…. We clean vehicles and polish them to shine. One lady, even though she was a smoker herself, did not allow smoking in her car, which made her pay attention to how she treated her vehicle and how she treated her body, as a result she stopped smoking.

We are exposed to stress, potentially stressful situations, tensions, traffic jams, our negative thoughts and various other people’s negative energies on a daily basis. A good part of us loves a clean apartment because that way we gain a sense of order in life, plus it looks good.

We need to pay the same attention in the same way to our energy bodies.
Emotions that were intense, bad (could come from us or or be directed at us), those that we did not process or expel create blockages in the chakras.

Chakras are the energy centers on the body. If all the chakras work at optimal level energy flow through the body is balanced.

If blockages are not cleared and such a state persists, holes will appear in the aura and this can continue and lead to panic attacks, negative way of thinking and acting, or fatigue, lack of vigor, or balance will occur at best.

If there is a blockage in any of the chakras energy flow can affect poorer organ function and ultimately lead to physical illness.

We all know the feeling when we return from vacation, fresh and relaxed, our heads miles away from the usual situations and rituals, out of routine. That feeling keeps us going for a some time, but sometimes already after a few days we fall into the same old grumpy mood. It was as if the enthusiasm, motivation and energy level in general had somehow subsided. Then, over time, fatigue and anxiety appear, the world is no longer such a beautiful place, and the nerves become thinner and thinner. Good news is – You Can Anticipate That Stage.


We can help ourselves and avoid these conditions if we just take some time for a little self nurturing:

  • Yoga exercises are very good for stimulating chakra work. Doesn’t have to be long and complicated exercises, but a couple of simple movements every day.
  • Going to nature is always a great choice. A forest, wind, or proximity to water will cleanse your energy body of stagnant and bad energies and literally recharge your batteries. Bring home drinking water from nature, if you have the opportunity and drink it with love.
  • Bring crystals into your lives and clean them in spring water. Some of them are great transformers of negative energy.
  • Treat yourself to a bath of soda (sodium bicarbonate) and salt once a week, which cleanses the skin and the aura with equal efficiency. With a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil all the senses will be satisfied. Heading underwater and listening to your body can remind you of that great machine that carries your soul through life.
  • Music, singing, dancing, art, reading, stimulate your bodies and senses, tickle them.
  • Colors, looking at colors “live” or in meditation/visualization nourishes your chakras.
  • Take a break from heavy foods. Enjoy fine healthy homemade food, fresh fruits and vegetables, smooties or fresh juices, herbal teas.
  • Sageing – burning dry sage leaves, Palo Santo tree. In addition to killing bacteria, it removes accumulated negative energy from your living space and from your aura.
  • Be aware. Consciously inhale a few breaths several times a day, and make exhales a couple of seconds longer. It will get you back in balance.
  • Be sure to take care of your emotions and emotional states, listen to them and be aware of them. Awareness is half the job. Every bad feeling settles and affects a particular organ or group of organs. Relieve the body and get rid of them with energy detoxification. Be opened, free-flowing. Be aware of each of your feelings and it will calm down which will give more space for fine feelings.