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About us

Welcome to Plasma Saal

About our team

Plasma Saal Health Center is comprised of an international team of experts in the field of holistic medicine with a broad base of knowledge and expertise. Our team includes two naturopaths specialized in bioresonance quantum medicine, a hypnotherapist and a yoga/fitness instructor. At Plasma Saal, all of our experts are trained to operate the broad range of cutting-edge devices in our one-stop-shop for each client treatment.

About our work

Plasma Saal Health Center uses a holistic approach to health, meaning that we address physical, mental, energetic and emotional states of a human body.

We believe that a ‘dis-ease’ is just a lack of an ‘ease’. Disease can be a result of certain changes or disbalances in our bodies. Therefore, we are trying to identify a true cause of any type of a disease, and not just treating the symptoms.

We use cutting-edge technologies based on Nikola Tesla΄s research into the impact of electricity on pathogens in the human body. After Tesla, bioresonance frequency therapy was further developed by Dr. Albert Adams, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr.Hulda Clark, Dr. Bob Beck, Dr. Georgij Lakhovsky, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis and numerous other scientists.

About our unique health protocol

Thanks to Dr. Tesla and other scientists, today, we have very effective devices for bioresonant frequency, quantum diagnosis and therapy, which we successfully apply, both for preventive purposes as well as for treating many diseases and disorders. Based on a client diagnosis, we prepare special protocols consisting of a detailed bioresonance and quantum therapy plan, and we provide guidelines for nutrition and dietary supplements.

In addition to these methods, we work with clients on their psychosomatic, emotional and mental states at the subconscious level, initiating deep changes in order to achieve long-term emotional and mental balance in support of clients’ physical and mental healing.

Plasma Saal’s health protocols are tailor-made for each individual and fully adapted to each client needs.

Why choose health center Plasma Saal?

  • We have the expertise and know-how acquired over many years of international experience.
  • We dedicate our full attention to every client – we see you as a unique person with a given set of health and life circumstances.
  • Every treatment is personalized and specifically adapted to each client, his/her current health state and needs.
  • We apply holistic non-invasive therapeutic methods for which there are no known contraindications or side effects.
  • Our diagnostic and therapeutic methods work on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental levels.
  • We pay particular attention to prevention and improvement of physical and mental health.
  • We use the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of quantum medicine.
  • We are mindful of your past experiences and work with you to create a happier future.

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