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Petra Padjen

Petra Padjen

Reiki & more

Petra discovered an interest in energy work long ago and with years she started practicing Reiki, cleaning space of negative energies, treatment of aura and chakras.

Water is a special media she likes to work with using specifically Sanjeveeni method programming for the purpose of improving mental and physical health of the clients.

Petra has a master’s degree in journalism, but is also experienced mediator, facilitator and trainer. She practiced professional, organizational and communication skills for years in various positions and jobs ranging from journalism, translation to editorial positions and business consulting. Petra is very familiar with marketing so she naturally accept editing of website, social networks and writing Plasma Saal’s blog.

She has also taken a part as coordinator of an Association for promoting New Technologies and Holistic Lifestyle.

Her interest and knowledge of human nature makes her an excellent person for working with clients, and her studying and working with energies contributes to this versatile team.