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Ana Yael Prelog

Ana Yael Prelog

Co-founder and Director of Plasma Saal Ltd. Croatia

Ana began her spiritual journey 15 years ago when she began working with spiritual teachers who introduced her to energy medicine and healing arts. This lead her to her current interdisciplinary holistic practice, based on innovative quantum medicine techniques and methods. In 2013, Ana co-founded the Plasma Saal Health Center, in Zagreb, Croatia and in 2015 a branch office in New York, USA. 

Although her unique background includes two master degrees, one in business and one in public relations, she always knew that her true path is in the healing arts and helping people in need. After dealing with her own health challenges, she left the corporate world and dedicated her life to healing herself and others. During this time, she has completed several certifications on a variety of spiritual and healing arts practices.

Presently, Ana is the co-owner and director of Plasma Saal Ltd. Zagreb-London-New York, a company that uses a holistic approach to find the root causes of illnesses and help in healing them. Her company uses the latest innovative quantum and bioresonance frequency technologies. This scanning unique approach helps Ana to obtain detailed information about clients physical, emotional and mental states. In addition, as a therapist she also practices energy body work, intuitive healing, balancing, fingernail and tongue diagnosis, spiritual consultations, nutritional consultations, frequency healing, herbs, good bacteria, essential oil use and application. Ana is also a certified Moon Mother. She has performed womb blessings to countless women across The United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Europe. She is dedicated to spreading wisdom, light, love and well-being to all beings. When she’s not working, you can find her riding horses in the wind of nature.