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TeslaGen T-7 – generator of Tesla scalar waves

TeslaGen is Bioenergy stimulator – it improves the energy matrix of living things and stimulates self-healing; It improves the flow of vital life energy and renews and harmonizes bioenergy fields of the organism as a whole and maintains the energy balance of all bodies, down to the cell level – it affects the entire organism. TeslaGen is a sort of “bio-energetic fountain” that stimulates the energy balance of a man and his natural environment and creates a high-quality and a healthy environment, one very similar to the area of ​​clean and untouched nature. It stimulates creativity and concentration during studying, vitalizes food and water for people, animals and plants. Scalar field stimulates plant growth. TeslaGen emits scalar bio-field which purifies and improves the structure of the ambient fields in our living spaces, reduces the impact of electromagnetic smog and removes the influence of harmful fields, including geo-pathogenic radiation.

May 14, 2016