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  • Works like time spent in the natural environment, regenerating the body΄s natural bioelectricity
  • Whole body cellular activation and regeneration
  • Significantly improves many physiological functions
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Plazma ZapTM is integrated with Automatic, Half Wave and High Oscillations Modes.

Plazma ZapTM creates a fresh and comfortable natural environment artificially by means of the up-to-date research achievement of electro-biology and enable us to do exercise while sitting.

Revives cells and rejuvenates cells of the whole body

Strengthen the cellular membranes’ electric potential, resuscitate the cells (-90mV) and help orderly cellular movement, revive internal membranes, help with the faster flow of the electrodes, faster synthesis of the ATP, and orderly movement of the electrodes outside the membrane, enable the cell of the whole body massage effectively.

Increases metabolism, purifies body fluids, improves a person’s internal environment

Strengthens the function of the vital organs cleaning the toxins inside the body, regulate bodily fluids to weak alkalinity level (pH = 7.36 – 7.44), removes the breeding grounds for diseases, increase immunity and natural healing power.

Removes free radicals

A person’s body has free radicals that can destroy the cells and disrupts the normal function of the organs, thus damaging the cells and causing ailments. It increases the rate of aging. Under the static electric potential field function, person’s cells are reviving. It maintains bodily fluids in weak alkalinity level, effective in cleansing of free radicals, strengthens immunity, delays aging, improves physical beauty.

Promotes blood circulation and body’s micro-circulation

High voltage negative potential static electric field increases the blood cell electric potential , its exercise volume also increases, negative ions can reduce the density of platelet, lower blood viscosity, strengthen heart muscles contraction power. Micro vibration with frequency of 50-60 times per second helps compositions stuck to the blood vessel walls decompose (e.g. omega 3, cholesterol), enlarges blood vessels and the capillary, opens pores, smoothens blood vessels’ walls, revives elasticity of the blood vessels.

Strengthens body’s immunity

Under the static electric potential field, it can increase the person’s body bioelectricity charges, increase blood’s gamma properties, revive the cells immunity, make the body less prone to diseases and stronger against germs and viruses, and improve the strength to fight against diseases.

Plazma ZapTM Function 30 minutes has similar result like relaxing 2 hours massage.

Plazma ZapTM function helps stimulating blood circulation, regulating blood pressure and improving immune system. When micro electric intervenes human nervous system, endocrine system will automatically be regulated. Applying Plazma ZapTM function for 30 minutes has similar result like relaxing 2hour massage.

The benefits of applying Plazma ZapTM Function:

  1. Stimulates ions inside and outside of cell which include potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium and calcium; body cell are activated.
  2. Micro vibration will effectively massage cell in the artery helping improve blood circulation
  3. Activate cell metabolism, accelerate fat decomposition
  4. Eliminate fatigue, reduce back pain problem.
  5. Improve gastrointestinal mobility.

Half wave function 30 minutes has similar result like relaxing in the forest for 3 hours.

Negative potential function helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, active human body’s natural enzyme function, improve acidic body condition (from acidic body to low alkaline body condition, pH = 7,36 – 7,44) and remove free radicals from the body. Applying negative potential function for 30 minutes has similar result like relaxing in the forest for 3 hours.

The benefits of applying Negative potential Function:

  1. Replenishes ion negative in human body, increases bio electric function in human body.
  2. Activates and repairs membrane cell.
  3. Activates all kinds of enzymes, increases cell function of anti-oxidation.
  4. Activates cell in gastrointestinal, kidney and liver, improves body detoxification function.
  5. Balances hormone regulation function helping prevent aging process.
  6. Suitable for couples who want to be more active.

High Oscillation Therapy 30 minutes has similar effect like exercising outdoor for 3 hours

High Oscillation therapy function helps to repair body cell, increase metabolism of body cell and immune system will improve. Applying high oscillation optical therapy function for 30 minutes has similar result like doing exercise outdoor for 3 hours. The benefits of applying High Oscillation Function:

  1. Body becomes warm and increases body temperature by 1 to 2 degree Celsius.
  2. Stimulate blood circulation.
  3. Improve immune system. Burn fat.
  4. Skin becomes smooth and beautiful.


Suitable for:

Professionals, homemakers, students, working in air-conditioned offices, the elderly, people with sensitive skin and acne, aging, obesity, lack of exercise, now mothers, people who lost weight and want to maintain new lifestyle

Level 4 to level 6

  • Plazma ZapTM Function: balances blood pressure, improves cell metabolism, maintains blood in low alkaline condition (pH 7.36 – 7.44)

Level 7 to 9

  • Plazma ZapTM Function: eliminates pain, reduces lipids, reduces blood sugar, improves sleep quality
  • Negative potential function: improves sleep quality, reduces stress, improves digestion system

Negative potential function: improves blood circulation, removes free radicals, detoxification

Auto model, Half wave and High oscillation will switch per 5 minutes

  • Plazma ZapTM Function: reduces stress, improves sleep and digestion system, stabilizes emotion and ant-oxidation
  • Half wave therapy reduces stress, increase vitality and energy

Level 10

  • High Oscillation function: enhances energy, eliminates fatigue, improves immune system and anti-aging effect
  • Half wave function: improves cell metabolism, repairs cells, anti-aging effect
  • 3000 Volt suitable for: people who lack sleep, students, people who lack energy, athletes, residents in air polluted areas, labour workers, youngsters and children who lack concentration, persons with poor appetite, drivers, hospital stuff, people who consume alcohol on regular basis, persons with poor memory.
  • 6000 Volt for: constipation problem, insomnia, respiratory system, very high brain activity, students who are facing the pressure of examination, adults who lack concentration, persons who consume too much meat, people who work night shifts, dizziness and fatigue, poor memory, people who don’t exercise, people who look older then real age.
  • 9000 Volt suitable for: smokers, obese, long term insomnia, lack of harmony in personal relationships, people exposed to high pressure, elderly, fatigue, people who have difficulties sweting, blood loss, low Chi, lack of stamina, difficulties moving, sight and hearing problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, high blood sugar, asthma, gastrointestinal problems.

* Recommendation: At least 2 to 3 times a day, at least 30 minutes every time. Apply in the morning session and night session each. 

** To live healthier life apply Plazma ZapTM Therapy auto mode.

April 15, 2019