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ADAM-Gen – Active life energy Generator

ADAM-Gen – Active life energy Generator

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ADAM-Gen – Active life energy Generator, uses electromagnetic field through which it sends vibrations with frequencies used by biochemists to repair the genetic blueprint upon which life is based. ADAM-Gen is beneficial to all living organisms and plants – place fresh, raw foods on the plate and on top of the device for a few minutes – this action activates their genetic material. The genes in humans serve as many sources of information, but also to communicate with the environment. The mystics have always known that our bodies can be programmed with words and thoughts, which has recently been scientifically proven, but at the same time, it is important to set the correct vibration of the radiation field in order to strengthen the action. The key to successful hyper communication, as the process is called, is a relaxed inner state, and the same is not possible when a person is under stress or pressure. ADAM-Gen puts our emotional, physical and mental state in balance through reconstruction our genes – our genetic material is freed of the burden of negative accumulated load from the environment: consequences of electro smog and other negative radiation, as well as diets full of artificial additives, hormones and genetically modified foods. ADAM-Gen helps neutralize degeneration in progress and re-establishes the original healthy life system on a strong basis.

May 14, 2016