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A-TES-Gen-7L combines outstanding capabilities of TeslaGen T-7 and ADAM-Gen devices. First one with its scalar field and vitalizing effect boosts harmonious effect of ADAM-Gen.

This device uses scientifically known frequencies that directly regenerate and activate genes while Tesla’s scalar waves vitalize the whole organism and enhance the effect of other healing frequencies (e.g. Schumann frequency – the fundamental frequency of the Earth) and in this way brings us into harmony with our authentic nature.
Regular use of A-TES-Gen-7L balances our energy state – a precondition for healing and a gradual but steady increase in energy. Through neutralization of commenced degeneration and restoration of original energy matrix it regenerates genes on the physical plane, releases patterns of physical tension, transforms emotional trauma, enhances intuition, deepens connection with the inner self and the universal core as well as regenerates hereditary material.

Users feel pleasant refreshing emission, like a mild, warm rain. The atmosphere becomes pleasant and one feels peace and fullness; painful and problematic areas
withdraw or get activated at first and then disappear.
It stimulates creativity and concentration during learning, vitalizes food and water for people, animals and plants – scalar field stimulates plant growth. It has positive effect on all living organisms and plants – if we put fresh, unprocessed food on the plate and keep it on A-TES-Gen-7L for a few minutes it will activate its genetic material.
It emits scalar bio-field that purifies and improves the structure of the ambient fields in our living space, reduces the impact of electromagnetic smog and removes the influence of harmful fields, including the geo-pathogenic radiation. It frees our genetic material of accumulated negative load from the environment: from consequences of negative radiation, as well as of diet full of artificial additives, hormones and genetically modified foods.
It has positive effect on seeds, plants and animals.

May 14, 2016